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Lynnee Breedlove

Freitag, 26.10.2007, 21:00

Café ExZess
Leipziger Straße 91, FFM

One Freak Show is queer standup comedy on transgender bodies, feminism, family, and "community." His plan for world peace includes gender nesting dolls, cross-dressing stuffed animals, and a new edition of Our Bodies Ourselves for men. He demonstrates all the tools of a non-op tranny: strapper downers and pisse debout, the French Travel Mate. It's about our common journey in a human body. It's a one-eighty for Lynn Breedlove, world notorious snarky angry punk feminist, suddenly trying to get everyone around him to see it's really all about the love.

Godspeed the short film Jim is a speedfreak bike messenger whose devotion to her drug habit rivals the intensity of her adoration for Ally, her brilliant stripper girlfriend. When she's forced to choose between the drugs and the girl, time and again she succumbs to her addiction--but is still unable to attain the ultimate high she seeks...

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